Overcoming Barriers to Healthy Living

From Information to Action

Healthy living starts with good information.  What constitutes a healthy diet?  What's the best way to exercise?  How to handle stress?

And today people know the difference between an apple and a piece of apple pie, between going out dancing or watching Dancing with the Stars!  But knowing the information isn't acting on the information.  Why this chasm between information and action?  Because information alone is not enough.  If it were, we'd be a nation of non-smokers.  

In this dynamic and inspirational program, Joe Piscatella provides practical solutions to overcoming barriers and making healthy changes that last a lifetime.  Audiences learn how to get started and stay the course.

In this seminar, participants will learn:

  • How barriers keep us from living a healthy lifestyle
  • What are the most common barriers to healthy living
  • How the Mind-Body connection can overcome barriers