Eating Healthy in a World

A Step-by-Step Guide to Healthy Eating in the Real World 

A balanced diet is critical for good health and increased performance. But how do you sort out what is balanced in a world of con´Čéicting claims where fat and carbohydrates see-saw being in, then out, where a tablespoon of ketchup can contain a teaspoon of high-fructose corn syrup, where food supplements claim to be healthier than food itself, and where new weight-loss diet books appear weekly? 

In over three decades of successfully managing his heart disease, Joe knows fad diets from real science.  His sensible, realistic program offers basic principles for healthy eating, including cutting-edge methods on how to control your fat tooth. (That's right, fat tooth, not sweet tooth!). More importantly, he gives nutritional science real-life application. 

In this seminar, participants will learn:
  • How to read food labels to make smart choices at a grocery store
  • What the secret is to cooking healthy food at home (and having your whole family enjoy it)
  • How to handle eating in the company cafeteria or in a restaurant.