What Are You Telling Your Patients About the Oral- Systemic Link?

Dentists and patients are increasingly more aware of the oral systemic connection. Dental practitioners routinely counsel patients on the link between oral health and systemic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, obesity, pneumonia, cancer, stroke and the nation's #1 killer: cardiovascular disease

Can dental teams take it further by advising patients about the impact of lifestyle habits on heart health?

Bring Joe Piscatella's Cardiac Lifestyle Program to your next meeting!

Cardiac Lifestyle Program

Joe Piscatella is one of the nation's leading experts on lifestyle and cardiac health.  His seminars cover how to eat healthy, exercise more effectively, manage stress successfully and develop a positive attitude...all leading to a healthy, balanced life.   The success of his programs moved TIME magazine to call him "a force for positive change".

Topics include:

  • What the numbers mean: LDL and particle size, HDL and particle size, C-reactive protein and inflammation, glucose, PLAC and triglycerides 
  • What is the most important component of cardiac exercise (hint: it is not intensity or length of time!)
  • What is the best dietary pattern for cardiac health (hint:  it is not low-fat!)
  • How Type A personality fosters heart disease
  • Cardiac supplements: effective or not? 
  • Women, men and heart disease: there is a difference! 

Along the way you'll learn about the inaccuracies of trans fat labeling, the truth about red wine, why e-mails are a cardiac risk factor...and much more!

What makes Joe's program so unique? His personal experience of coronary bypass surgery at age 32. The prognosis was that he would not live to age 40.  But Joe didn't accept that prognosis and instead developed a healthier lifestyle. Today he is 42 years post-bypass. The practical perspective of what he did and how he did it are central to Joe's high-energy presentations.  

This program generally carries CE credit and is recommended for dentists, significant others, and the entire team.


Contact Joe directly for pre-booking inquiries and rates.


Small Crowd 1"Joe Piscatella's presentations are appropriate, engaging and authentic.  His passion for the topic of healthy living shines through and he relates well to all audiences."

-- Michael Cohen, Executive Director
Seattle Study Club

"Joe Piscatella spoke at our annual dental study club retreat this year and just blew the whole group away. He seems to be able to speak to any size group at any venue and yet manage to touch each listener personally. He has real mastery and insight in topics ranging from overall health; to nutrition; to lifestyle and stress management. Those subjects, important as they are, seem rather drab here on this page - but I can tell you that Joe breathed life into them and both energized and motivated the entire group.

There are many experts and gurus out there who can recite the facts. But Joe synthesizes the information with insight, clarity and the wisdom of experience; and then brings it to life. He’s so dynamic and motivating that you’ll want to jump up and take action even before he’s quite finished. But you’ll want to hear him out.

The things Joe advocates are reasonable and attainable and battle tested through decades of his own experience. So reasonable, in fact, that you probably already know and simultaneously ignore most of it. But that’s where Joe really shines. He has a knack for helping to unlock whatever barriers are preventing people from making better choices. I would challenge anyone to listen to him speak and remain unmoved about improving their health."

-- Jamie Brooks, DDS Pankey Study Club

Small Crowd 2

"I have attended half a dozen of Joe's seminars and have enjoyed every one.  He stands out for four reasons:
1.  His information is current and accurate.
2.  His practical advice is life-changing.
3.  He tells stories that make me laugh and help me remember the information.
4.  His personal story alone is worth the price of admission.
Joe gives a world-class program."

-- Donald C. Paradise, DDS

Joe Piscatella