6 Weeks to a Healthier You  

An Effective Program for Hospitals to Build a Brand and Create a Genuine Culture of Community Wellness.


The U.S. is plagued with diseases and conditions that result from lifestyle habits.  Experts say we must create a "culture of wellness" to promote prevention and manage health care costs.  And hospitals are charged with helping the public do that as a requirement of the Affordable Care Act.

Many hospitals meet this challenge with Joe Piscatella's 6 Weeks to a Healthier You community wellness program.  It positions the hospital as the community wellness leader and in doing so, grows brand awareness. 

What makes Joe's programs so unique? His personal experience of coronary bypass surgery at age 32. The prognosis was that he would not live to age 40.  But Joe didn't accept that prognosis and instead developed a healthier lifestyle. Today he is 42 years post-bypass. The practical perspective of what he did and how he did it are central to Joe's presentations and to the information "sticking" with attendees.

The Program

Joe is in your community one night a week for six consecutive weeks.  This time frame was selected because it is brief enough to encourage full participation and long enough to allow healthy habits to form.  He delivers information, tips and motivation in a way that engages the audience. TIME magazine calls Joe "a force for positive change." 

The program, which starts and ends with biometric testing, is comprised of six sessions:

Topics include:

  1. Overview: Make Your Health Last as Long as Your Life.  
  2. Diet: Eating Healthy in a Doubleburger.com World.

  3. Exercise: Move It or Lose It.

  4. Stress: Take A Load Off Your Heart.

  5. Family Health: Raising Fit Kids in a Fast World.

  6. Cooking: Healthy Cooking at Home.   


Programs results are based upon attendee evaluations and biometric data. Programs for over 1,500 participants in 2018 - 2019 graded the program 4.85 on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent.) In one program, 650 people lost 4,200 pounds, average exercise increased by 96 minutes per week, five people were taken off diabetes medications, LDL cholesterol dropped by 12 points and participants reported a 25% increase in the ability to cope with stress successfully. 


Contact Joe directly for pre-booking inquiries and rates.


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"My husband and I both attended the recent 6 week seminar in Lynnwood, WA. We are doing great and are so motivated to stay on this path to better health. He has dropped 11 pounds and I have dropped from 158 to 144 so far. We feel 100% better."

-- Meg Penalver, "6 Week" participant

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"We used this program for three years.  It is one of the best population health intervention programs around."

-- Carl Zapora, Superintendent, Verdant Health Commission


Joe Piscatella



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