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Many associations today include topics of personal interest on their conference agendas. That's because audiences are seeking more than just business information. They want dynamic programs on issues that impact the quality of their everyday lives. No topic ranks higher than personal health and no one delivers a program on managing healthy, balanced living as well as Joe Piscatella. 

A professional speaker for more than 30 years, his talks captivate and motivate audiences with the latest science and practical tips on stress management, healthy eating, effective exercise and positive thinking. In addition, his personal story inspires them to take ownership and action. And Joe delivers his information in a way that makes people smile. 

What makes Joe's programs so unique? His personal experience of coronary bypass surgery at age 32. The prognosis was that he would not live to age 40. But Joe didn't accept that prognosis and instead developed a healthier lifestyle. Today he is 42 years post-bypass. The practical perspective of what he did and how he did it are central to Joe's presentations and to the information and messaging "sticking" with patients.  

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"Mr. Piscatella is among the top five most highly-rated speakers at out National Conference."

-- Society for Human Resource Management

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"Joe ended our conference on a high note.  Just what a meeting planner is looking for." 

-- Million Dollar Round Table

Joe Piscatella

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