The Road to a Healthy Heart Runs Through the Kitchen

THE ROAD TO A HEALTHY HEART RUNS THROUGH THE KITCHEN will help you to institute and maintain a healthy diet in the real world.  Anyone can eat healthy for a week or two, but how do you keep it up for a lifetime?  This book explains how Joe Piscatella has eaten to achieve 32 years post-bypass surgery.  Based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, the book provides information on specific cardio-protective foods and offers a style of cooking and eating that combines good health with delicious taste. Bernie's 300 recipes are delicious, healthy, easy-to-prepare, completely family friendly, and analyzed for key nutritional information.  If you could have only one book on healthy eating, this is it!    
"This is a splendid book - accurate, practical and with wonderful recipes.  I've collected about 150 books on healthy eating and the Piscatella ones are my favorites. "   --  WILLIAM C. ROBERTS, MD, DIRECTOR, BAYLOR HEART & VASCULAR INSTITUTE, DALLAS, TX   EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY

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