Thoughts on Bypass Surgery

Jun. 1, 2017 at 1:49pm

Coronary bypass surgery probably saved my life, but people considering this procedure should be aware of four things. To start with, it takes away the pain (angina), but does not remove the underlying cause - coronary heart disease.

Second, a bypass may not last forever. If you do not take care of it by adopting a healthy lifestyle, you might just get a few years out of it. Third, the physical recovery can be daunting. I had some complications, so it took me about six months to regain my strength and stamina. Others have done it sooner.

Finally, you have to be prepared for mental changes. According to a study at Duke University, about 42% of bypass patients experience a subtle change in personality and suffer an impairment of memory and cognitive abilities five years after surgery. Further studies are needed to determine the importance of such changes. However, many experts hypothesize that these results are more often found in patients who have undergone bypass surgery while on the heart-lung machine, particularly if the operation takes over four hours.

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What is your opinion of the strict Ornish diet for a person who has had a bypass?
Look forward to your reply. Thank you
1 | Left by Kathy | Aug. 16, 2018 at 9:12pm

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