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Mar. 17, 2017 at 9:57am

Get a Friend with Four Legs

This is not as offbeat as it may sound. Scientific evidence suggests that those who keep pets are likely to benefit from improvements in physical and emotional well-being. Indeed, pets seem to be particularly therapeutic for people with or at risk of heart disease. Several years ago, researchers studied patients in a coronary-care unit at a major hospital. All had experienced a heart attack or had severe chest pain. In a one-year follow up, 28% of those who did not own pets had died, as compared with only 6% of pet owners.
People with pets seem to handle anxiety and stress better, and have lower blood pressure - all of which can improve the odds of surviving a heart attack. In addition, many behavioral scientists contend that loneliness, isolation, depression and hostility - all powerful predictors of adverse health outcomes - may partially be alleviated by the companionship of pets. Some experts believe this may stem from active involvement in the daily care of pets and from unconditional love and acceptance that the animals offer their owners.

Dog owners in particular are more likely to be physically active and are less vulnerable to the effects of stress.

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