When I had coronary bypass surgery at age 32, I thought my life was over.

The prognosis was not good with doctors predicting I would not live to be 40 and would never see my children – then age six and four – graduate from high school. But they were wrong. Recently I celebrated the 39th anniversary of that surgery, and tests show heart disease reversal.

How did this happen? By focusing on lifestyle habits. I may have a genetic leaning toward high cholesterol, but I can't do anything about my genes. Instead, I learned how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle with balanced eating, effective exercise and stress management. As my wife counseled early on, "You can't change the cards you were dealt, but you can change the way you play them." And we did.

As a result, I have experienced the joy of seeing my daughter and son graduate from high school, college, law school, and graduate school; of walking my daughter down the aisle and making a toast at my son's wedding; of celebrating 49 years of marriage; of gathering with family at my 65th birthday; and of holding three grandchildren. None of this would have happened without practicing healthier lifestyle habits. That is the purpose of my web page: to give you information and advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Remember, making healthy lifestyle change is simple—not easy, but simple. Many people can become discouraged, particularly if they have a lot to change or feel pressure to do it all at once. My advice is to make changes just for today. Don’t fret about yesterday; it’s over and you can't call it back. Don't be concerned with tomorrow as it is not yet here. Instead, live healthy today. Pretty soon, the days will add up to months and years, and changes will become habits. That’s what I’ve done for 39 years . . . one day at a time.